human design kids

understood, respected, loved, and accepted for exactly who they are

the epic system you know and love now translated into helpful insights and tips for your kids





the guides – unique just like your kid

each guide includes:

  • how to preserve and nurture your kids core essence
  • how to support their purpose
  • how to care and honor their unique energy inputs and outputs
  • help them identify their intuition and to develop a strong trust muscle around it
  • understand the impact of a defined or undefined solar plexus (the emotional center)
  • know when they’re struggling and what to do about the triggers
  • know when they’re thriving and how to collect these glimmers
  • their ideal way to learn
  • understand their open centers and the impact they have on their ability to be their TRUE SELF

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delivered in 3 business days of purchasing. currently a digital PDF


includes a group 1 hour live Q&A with Ilona – supporting you and answering your questions. submit your questions before hand or join us live

exact birth time required

in order to provide the most accurate guide you will need to provide your Childs exact birth information – the time, date, and location when ordering your guide